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Dental CSR Certification adds great value to practices and teams that have implemented it, and is recognised by well respected dental professionals and industry experts. We are delighted to help some fantastic business to know and show that they are doing good.

Chris Barrow

“Patients can either be motivated by price or by quality and my best dental clients are constantly striving to attract the second type. They are loyal and a pleasure to care for – they also act as advocates. Nowadays, when patients look for quality, they take into consideration more than the simple offer of clinical excellence and customer service. They are interested in your core values.

“I’ve watched Mark Topley develop his thinking around this for 15 years and I’m delighted to see the launch of Dental CSR Certification, which gives the busy practice a complete framework for the structure, content and presentation of their values in a way that the discerning patient will recognise; standards that identify you as special.”

Chris Barrow - Dental Business Coach

Dr Joe Bhat – Gold certified 2019

“A business should never be considered complete until it has its own CSR, however big or small. Our CSR projects make us appreciate our current surroundings and have brought us together as a team, which is invaluable and something that money simply can’t buy.

“Having the certification is validation of what we successfully implemented. We did not get involved in CSR to get another certificate for the wall, but it is nice to have a recognised body acknowledge our efforts.”

Joe Bhat - Director, Moor Park Specialist Dental Centre

Dr Colin Campbell – Gold Certified 2019

“When Dental CSR Certification came about in the spring, it was the natural step for us to take to get certified. There were two reasons for this.

“Firstly, whether you like them or not, certificates show people who aren’t as close to your business that you’ve done something that has been recognised by an authority on the subject. Whether that’s dental phobia, additional qualifications or whatever, it’s an easy way to show that you have reached a standard. And for us we’d reached that standard so why not make it easy for people to see and understand how our values played out with CSR?

“Secondly, we wanted to make sure we were doing it right and staying current. When we applied for our gold certification from Dental CSR, the team came across more simple yet powerful changes to make, not only to help others but also to help ourselves and the environment. This was a huge added benefit in so many ways.”

Colin Campbell - Director, The Campbell Clinic

Krishan Joshi

“At Dental Focus, we believe in empowering dentists and their teams. We think Dental CSR Certification is a remarkable framework that gives important structure to any forward-thinking practice that wants to create stronger core values for its own team and wider community to believe in, thus growing care and trust through common beliefs. Great unique selling points and foundations for marketing, well done Mark!”

Krishan Joshi - CEO of Dental Focus

Ashley Latter

“Dental CSR Certification is a very timely and innovative concept. It will be valuable for practices who want to do the right things well, and build trust with their patients and their teams. It’s becoming more and more important to communicate who you are as a business through your actions as well as your words, and Dental CSR Certification gives you a simple and solid way to do this, whatever level you’re starting from . I’ll be recommending it to my clients.”

Ashley Latter - The Selling Coach

Mark Oborn

“The most successful businesses are the ones that truly do the right thing and connect with their team, customers and suppliers from the heart. Connecting from the heart feels good and feels the right thing to do. Making money in a business is then an outcome of this connection, and when businesses connect deeper outcomes grow naturally. Dental CSR Certification standards take this relatively fluffy idea and give it actionable activities to make it a reality.”

Mark Oborn - Dental Marketing

Dr Barry Oulton

“Not only does a planned, guided CSR plan bring the dental team together in a shared vision and cause, more patients than ever are looking for businesses that demonstrate a conscience, a moral compass and a commitment to the local community. The dental CSR Certification provides the framework, guidance and support required to be at your best and to demonstrate this to your existing and potential future patients.”

Barry Oulton - The Confident Dentist

Dr Dhru Shah

“CSR is an important part of any business. In this day and age, a business’ CSR policy and responsibility is of utmost importance for any customer. These Dental CSR standards help set a powerful benchmark that the practice can use to show their patients how they contribute to the bigger and wider community. Its impact is powerful, positive and serves a true purpose”

Dr Dhru Shah - CEO, Dentinal Tubules

Prav Solanki

“Mark is an honest guy who will help your team find their values, purpose and happiness in the work environment. A solid 6 stars from me!”

Prav Solanki - Director, The Fresh Marketing