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What is Dental Industry CSR and why is it important?

We understand that you want a successful, healthy and rewarding business. You know that doing the right thing pays in more ways than one. And you recognise that 90%* of your customers and team now expect you to do good as an integral part of running the business.

A business that has mastered this challenge has addressed its Corporate Social Responsibility – or CSR. And because the ways that consumers and staff judge businesses have changed, it’s now a crucial aspect of a business that wants to build trust with customers, and attract and retain good staff.

Good CSR is not only the right thing to do, but it also gives you a competitive edge. And Dental Industry CSR Certification makes it possible in a simple and effective way to know and show that you’re responsible. It takes the thinking off your desk. In short, it simply helps you build your business.


The 3 pillars of CSR


Are you a value-driven business that proactively leads, communicates with, and protects the wellbeing of your team? Do you reward and remunerate fairly, and are you transparent in your pricing?


Do you do everything you can to reduce your use of plastics and single-use resources? Have you thought about energy usage, recycling and positive contributions like ‘walk to work’ schemes?

Community & charity

Are you committed charity and your community in some way? Have you made a meaningful commitment and engaged your team in the process?

Our philosophy

Our business is helping you do good. We believe that successful businesses are built upon what they do, not just what they say. We help you do things right, and give you the means to show it.

Take pride in your beliefs and actions and demonstrate to your customers, suppliers and staff that you’re truly authentic.

What do I do?

We have assembled some of the industry’s top experts in their fields to create a simple set of Dental Industry CSR Standards that everyone can access and apply for to help grow their business.

Whatever stage you are at with your approach to social and environmental responsibility, there is a straightforward, practical standard that will help you to ensure you are covering the essentials and your business is recognised for it.

We want to help you feel proud of the level you have achieved and inspired to accomplish more.

What do I get?

Your annual certification gives you:

  1. A framed certificate for your reception area so everyone who visits the business will see instantly that you take your responsibilities seriously
  2. Use of the appropriate logo for your website, marketing collateral and any exhibition displays
  3. Listing and linking on the Dental CSR website
  4. Access to customer-facing pages for bronze, silver or gold.

What does it cost?

Certification is a worthwhile investment in your team, business and reputation. What’s more, you can even spread the cost over 3 months. All first-time applicants pay a one off registration fee of £60 in addition to the annual certification fee below:

  • Gold – £600
  • Silver – £300
  • Bronze – £180

All prices are inclusive of VAT

Five simple steps to knowing & showing you care:

  1. View the bronze, silver and gold standards.
  2. Decide which level you want to apply for.
  3. Submit your application online.
  4. We will review it and, if necessary, give you the extra advice you need to get certified.
  5. Pay your annual certification fee and start proudly displaying your Dental Industry CSR Certification – a framed certificate for the office, and logos for use on your website, in communications and at industry shows and events.

Get certified now!

Applying is easy and takes between 30 minutes and an hour. You can save and return your application as many times as you like and you pay nothing until we confirm your successful application.

Start your Application