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Finally. A widely recognised CSR certification for dentistry

Demonstrate that you care about your people, the environment and the wider community. Get certified today.

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Demonstrate your Practice’s CSR Impact!

Your patients and staff aren’t just asking you to be responsible, they’re expecting it. This means making a genuine impact on the environment and adding real value to the community.

That’s where we come in. We aren’t just here to help you talk the talk, we’re here to make sure you walk the walk. We aid in transforming your actions, and then ensure you can showcase this change to the world.

Boost your CSR reputation, and ignite a sense of pride in your values and actions. Show your patients, your team, and your industry peers that you’re not just another dental practice—you’re a game-changer.

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Dental Industry CSR

Unleash the power of a responsible brand with a clean conscience! Today’s dental industry is not just delivering a service or selling product. It’s about painting a vibrant, eco-friendly image that draws in your customers and keeps your team inspired.

Busy tackling the daily grind? No time to consider your corporate social responsibility (CSR)? No worries, we’ve got you covered.

Let us be your CSR compass, guiding your dental business toward sustainable and socially conscious success. Together, we’ll demonstrate to the world that your business isn’t just good—it’s a trendsetter in the dental world!

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Experience the Power of Impact – Discover how dynamic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can supercharge your practice. It’s not just about positive change, it’s about rallying your team, magnetising like-minded talent, winning your patients’ hearts, and demonstrating your authenticity!

Our Dental CSR Certification doesn’t just have a seal of approval, it’s bolstered by the stamp of industry trailblazers and revered professionals.

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How it works

There are just five simple steps to showing that you care:

  1. Kick-start your journey with our dynamic 3-minute quiz. Discover where you’re shining and where you can step up.
  2. Choose your ambition level – bronze, silver, or gold.
  3. Streamline your commitment by submitting your application online. Easy, quick, done!
  4. Count on us for a thorough review and insightful advice to elevate your application, ensuring you get the certification you deserve.
  5. Seal the deal with your annual certification fee, then celebrate your achievement! Showcase your Dental CSR Certification – a stylishly framed certificate for your reception area, and sleek logos for your website and communications.

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