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Silver standards – Industry

In addition to the standards below, you also must meet the Bronze standards

Pillar One – People & Wellbeing

  1. There is a clearly articulated, understood, and regularly repeated Vision Values and Purpose for the business and each person’s role. Job Descriptions include the purpose of the role as well as expected behaviours and success criteria.
  2. There is a written diversity, inclusion and safeguarding policy in place
  3. Team members understand how they are going to be developed and what the development track is for their role
  4. Personal Development plans are regularly reviewed and developed
  5. There is a formal system in place for giving and receiving feedback
  6. There is an internal communication system in place – eg whatsapp group, intranet, noticeboard
  7. An annual salary review is carried out and increases given where possible
  8. Benefits – other than pay – are given
  9. Flexible working patterns are encouraged
  10. There is an HR & Wellbeing policy in place
  11. Where available, only ‘green’ products are sourced

Pillar Two – Environment

  1. The business has electricity supplied by a green energy company and agrees to meter and reduce energy usage annually and install low energy bulbs throughout
  2. The business has a “green champion” on-site who ensures adherence to best practice and shares good ideas with other staff and is offered suitable training
  3. Business introduces a walk to work/bike to work/lift-share scheme
  4. Business monitors waste quantities and carries out an annual audit, committing to reduce landfill waste by 5% annually
  5. Website, Social Media, newsletter and/or posters display a green message that customers, as well as staff, can be informed and encouraged by.

Environmental standards in dentistry are constantly developing and so we will be reviewing this area frequently. If you have further ideas that have worked for your practice, please get in touch.

Pillar Three – Community & Charity

  1. The causes to support have been carefully selected to fall in line with the business goals – either through what they do or by benefitting the local community
  2. The causes being supported have been consulted and informed. They know how long they will be supported and the fundraising goal
  3. There is a commitment to direct business giving
  4. There is a detailed CSR annual plan in place detailing goals, objectives and team roles
  5. The company has a CSR Champion and committee that helps recommend what causes to support and is responsible for delivering the plan
  6. The charitable giving and supported causes are communicated to customers either within the building, in newsletters, on web & social media etc

Apply for Silver

You can apply for Silver certification in around 60 minutes. Our system allows you to save your application so you can return to it as many times as you need before submitting. You don't pay anything until we have confirmed that you have met the standards.

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