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What is the Silver Dental Industry CSR standard?

This company is certified to the Silver level

This means they have already made a foundational commitment to Dental Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and are now progressing to a higher standard across all Dental CSR areas to care for their people, their community and the environment.

They have met requirements to demonstrate that they are fair and transparent with their customers, particularly on pricing. They commit to the welfare of their teams in standards of communication, leadership, development, remuneration and wellbeing. They encourage flexible working patterns.

They are recycling what is possible, have eliminated single-use items, and are making efforts to save energy and source electricity from renewable sources. They have a ‘green champion’ who is responsible for ensuring their environmental commitments are fulfilled and talked about through the website. They also try to reduce their carbon footprint in the ways staff travel to work.

They support local charities as well as dental ones in a strategic, long term way, and the business gives directly to these causes as well as encouraging team fundraising. They set a target to raise and communicate what they’re doing to customers and staff.

They’ve applied for certification because they have strong values as a business, and are committed to making a positive difference.

Who are we?

Dental CSR Certification is a company that was started to help dentists to address the challenge of running a socially and environmentally responsible business. Our standards are created by industry and professional experts. Companies apply for certification and provide evidence of their achievements to us. We verify, and also independently audit a percentage of applications, as well as personally inspecting every Gold applicant.

The 3 pillars of Dental CSR


Your dentist has chosen to be a  value-driven business that proactively leads and communicates with their team, rewards and remunerates them fairly, and is fully transparent in their pricing.


Your dentist has chosen to do everything they can to reduce their use of plastics and single-use resources. They have thought through energy usage, recycling and are working on positive contributions like ‘walk to work’ schemes.


Your dentist has demonstrated to us that they are committed to charity and your community in some way. They’ve made a meaningful commitment and engaged their team in the process.


If you would like to verify your dentist's certification, please contact us here.