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What the #beproud campaign is all about (and it’s not fluffy!)

forge / 13 May 2019

Very simply, the campaign is a way to recognise and encourage the many people around the profession that do good for others. Whether that’s serving in their community, going the extra mile for their teams, or caring for their local area and the environment.

We need good news

There’s enough bad news around today. And so Dental CSR want to promote the good things that are going on- the stories that that get drowned out, and push back against the negativity. Not because #beproud is some wishy washy, fluffy, feel good exercise, but because this kind of news, encouragement and outlook is scientifically proven to build resilience and get people to take positive action. And couldn’t we all do with a bit more of that?!

Three reasons

Here’s why I believe #beproud is a great idea, and worth getting behind:

  1. People appreciate it! Who doesn’t appreciate a pat on the back? It’s not why people go the extra mile for others, but isn’t it nice to be recognised and appreciated once in a while?
  2. Your patients and team expect you to be doing good as part of your day to day work – almost 9 out of 10 according to recent studies! Sharing your #beproud stories reassures the people who you want to trust you, that your business and your people have a business heart, as well as a business head.
  3. It feels good! Encouraging other people takes just a few seconds and yet the effects can lift someone for a whole day.

It’s easy to take part – don’t be shy! Post pictures and stories of the people you know who you feel should #beproud. Make sure you tag @dentalcsr, and use the hashtag #beproud.

Let’s spend the next 6 weeks focussing on the people who deserve a pat on the back.

#Beproud campaign runs until the 21st June.