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New Gold Member – Queensway Orthodontics

Tara Vicars / 28 Jun 2021

Queensway Orthodontics joins the ranks of Gold Dental CSR Certified members! Congratulations to the team in the five Queensway Orthodontics locations.

Originally certified in the Bronze category, Queensway Orthodontics has dedicated themselves to their CSR Strategy moving them up to Gold level certification this year. That’s a huge progression in commitment, activities and success and we applaud the team.

We spoke with Guy Deeming, managing partner at Queensway, about their experience with the certification process. He says, “we’re incredibly pleased to have finally completed our journey towards Gold Accreditation. It’s been a real learning curve and a bit of an adventure as we’ve come through the COVID experience at the same time.”

The last year has been hard on individuals and businesses and it’s reinforced for many, including the Queensway team, that people have become much more important to people. We have all had to reassess priorities and commitments and recommit to what matters to us as individuals, team members, and as a business. Knowing that CSR can fall to the wayside during difficult times, we asked Guy why Queensway decided to champion CSR through certification. “It’s about structures. CSR is one of those things that is really really important, but doesn’t feel urgent. It’s easy to say we’ll do it tomorrow. But the idea of having a structure and support means we are going to commit to completing certain stages of our CSR journey within a timeframe and against a clear set of performance indicators and measurables. Any sort of formal certification process is incredibly useful to not only document and mark your progress, which is really nice for the team to see, but also to make sure you actually follow through on the ambition and on the promise.”

One of the benefits of Dental CSR Certification is that it acts as a prompt to continue fulfilling your own CSR Strategy. Instead of a set it and forget it mentality, CSR Certification is there to remind you to follow the strategy you lay out. Guy says, “it’s a real driver to continue to improve. We have set the standard and it’s our job to continue to maintain and build on that.”

As for advice that Guy would offer to other businesses who are considering CSR Certification, he says, “I think there is a moral obligation to engage with corporate social responsibility. If you need help, if you need structure, and if you need guidance, then going through a formalised certification process is by far and away, the most straightforward, obvious and efficient way of doing this.”

With all CSR Strategy and CSR Certification, it wouldn’t be possible without the team. Guy says, “My thanks sincerely go out to all of the team at Queensway and all of the CSR champions who have really worked hard to find a way of making CSR stick. I’m really excited to see where we can take this project.”

Congratulations to the Queensway Orthodontics team for reaching Gold Level Certification. It’s well deserved after all your hard work to implement a strong CSR strategy.