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Gold standards – Industry

In addition to the below, you must also meet the Bronze and Silver standards

Pillar One – People & Wellbeing

  1. Team members can articulate the goals and values of the business
  2. Each team member has their own targets, objectives and/or key performance indicators
  3. Team surveys are carried out to assess morale and seek feedback/ideas
  4. There is a company training plan in place which is regularly reviewed  
  5. The company offers opportunities for paid professional development
  6. Staff are made aware of changes to the business in advance  
  7. The business incorporates creative rewards throughout 
  8. Paid Personal Development Days are given
  9. Due diligence is carried out on all suppliers to ensure they meet CSR standards

Pillar Two – Environment

  1. A recycling point is provided in the company for toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes and/or batteries and/or printer cartridges/coffee pods, or if you do not have premises, you recycle your own items through other means
  2. A wildlife area is created outside the office; to include bird feeders, native wildflowers and/or native shrubs. If the company doesn’t have a garden or forecourt then a raised bed or flower containers will suffice
  3. A zero single-use plastic scheme across the company is adopted
  4. 100% renewable energy policy adopted on site
  5. All lightly damaged/worn or dated office furniture is recycled, donated or repaired and reused. Outdated computer equipment is donated to a suitable charity
  6. Gold Businesses must demonstrate evidence of at least one of their own ideas
  7. There is a Travel Policy which favours public transport over private cars where possible, limits air travel, and promotes the selection of electric or hybrid vehicles in the fleet.

Environmental standards are constantly developing and so we will be reviewing this area frequently. If you have further ideas that have worked for your practice, please get in touch.

Pillar Three – Community & Charity              

  1. The company has carried out due diligence on all causes supported to ensure they are having a sustainable, lasting impact on the beneficiaries they serve
  2. There is a good relationship with the causes being supported and feedback is received on the impact of any money donated and what it has funded
  3. The company can clearly demonstrate that their charitable giving has had a positive impact on the business
  4. The business gives a fixed amount or a percentage of turnover or profits to good causes and this is communicated
  5. There is a match-funding pot available for team members carrying out their own fundraising, or a community fund provided by the business for small local projects
  6. The business charity rep or committee is fully involved in the CSR annual plan and ensuring the goals are being met  
  7. The team can articulate the reasons for being a socially responsible business and the benefits that brings

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You can apply for Gold certification in 60-90 minutes. Our system allows you to save your application so you can return to it as many times as you need before submitting. You don't pay anything until we have confirmed you qualify.

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