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Sustainable Dentistry – IKON goes Gold

Tara Vicars / 29 Aug 2021

Recently, we had the pleasure of discussing IKON’s impressive journey towards sustainable dentistry with Clive Sefton, their Marketing Manager. We took a deep dive into their methods of obtaining the prestigious Gold Level CSR Certification.

“True distinction in any dental practice lies not only in providing exceptional dental services but also in implementing a strong CSR policy, a core principle of sustainable dentistry,” Clive proclaims. He elucidates IKON’s objective to set a benchmark in the industry by incorporating eco-friendly business operations.

The formulation of their comprehensive CSR Strategy revealed that IKON had already laid several cornerstones for sustainable dentistry practices. These procedures were carefully amalgamated to enhance benefits to IKON’s personnel, the environment, and the broader community, underscoring the true meaning of sustainable dentistry.

For those closely following the Dental CSR Certification narrative, our stance is clear: adopting a business approach that respects both individuals and the earth is crucial.

Echoing this belief, Clive states, “It’s our collective responsibility to steer our businesses towards limiting adverse effects while amplifying our positive impact on the environment and community. This principle resonates not only within our immediate business milieu but also our local vicinity and, indeed, globally.”

We are keen to watch as IKON Dental Specialists continue their pursuit of sustainable dentistry.

Our warmest applause for their accomplishments to date.

Should your business wish to differentiate itself from the competition, incorporating sustainable dentistry and executing CSR policies might be your next step towards the CSR Certification.

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