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New Gold Member – Digimax

Tara Vicars / 09 Sep 2020

As an award-winning dental marketing agency, Digimax prides themselves on making dental practices stand out and grow. Their services range from website design to search engine optimisation and social media management.

CSR has been an active part of Digimax’s business model for many years. They have a genuine interest in wider social issues as shown through their commitment to Wells on Wheels. The charity, Wells on Wheels, is run by Digimax and works in rural areas of India. They provide portable barrels that are wheeled by women collecting water eliminating the need for these women to carry buckets or other containers on their heads.

A teacher stands in front of a class of childrenMany of us aren’t even aware of the issues that come with having to carry water for miles each day. These portable “wells on wheels” as they call them, allow women to collect more water in a single trip freeing many young girls from the necessity to accompany their mothers which often results in missing school. The barrels also help with physical ailments that many experienced from the heavy buckets they otherwise must carry each day.

Digimax decided to champion their CSR through certification to enhance the company’s image and build its brand. Through the process of certification, they expected most of the focus to be on their charity but were happy to have the encouragement and guidance to be more aware of their environment and the impact their actions as a business has on the environment.

They have displayed the certification on the wall in their office and it serves as “a daily reminder to the team of the commitment they’ve made towards a better world.” Digimax has also found that their clients interested in making a donation to their charity are more confident that their contributions are being put to good use.

The company is working hard to reach their goal of raising £50,000 to help women transport water for their families more effectively. The confidence among donors created by CSR certification will help them reach their goal.

To anyone considering becoming CSR certified, Digimax says, “A certification will instil more confidence amongst your supporters and also make you more socially aware of the steps we need to take as individuals for the betterment of society.”

Congratulations to Digimax on their Gold Level Dental Industry CSR Certification.