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New Gold Member – Dental Focus

Tara Vicars / 25 Aug 2020

Dental Focus joined the ranks of Dental CSR Certified businesses earlier this year.

Mark Topley and the team of Dental Focus stand togetherAs an award-winning team creating dental websites, they are based in Croydon and serve the UK. They offer a broad selection of services including Google domination, social media engagement and website builds for dentists and practices.

As a “people company”, they believe it’s important that they focus on people before anything else. They realised that through CSR, team members can be encouraged and enabled to “explore important aspects of themselves which are not linked to the day-to-day trappings of business.”

They initially decided to champion their CSR through the certification process because they take CSR and their commitment to it very seriously. It was important for their team members to know that their individual and team efforts are part of a company ethos which is not only ingrained, but official. Being certified now helps set the stage for new employees coming on board to realise the full extent of the commitment Dental Focus has to their CSR.

Though certification is not an easy process as there are milestones that must be met, Dental Focus says “the journey was a really enjoyable experience. Mark has been an invaluable source to our team, providing not just incredible support but also inspiration. It was a fulfilling experience that made us look at the way we operate in a new light. Seeing our team energised behind an objective which aims to do good in the world was brilliant.”

Even the challenges weren’t considered a negative experience as it pushed them to reassess methods and business aims to clarify the experience for all involved.

Dental Focus believes they are fortunate to have a roster of clients who are already CSR conscious. They have found that becoming CSR certified has brought about meaningful conversations with clients and enabled a two-way street of learning.

When asked what advice the practice would offer other businesses who are considering CSR certification, Dental Focus suggested starting with a small commitment to see where and how it grows. “Just a little bit of time as a team can be enough to find out what you want to achieve in terms of CSR. Then, when you feel ready for certification, it will be from a place of natural momentum rather than short-term benefit.”

Congratulations to Dental Focus on their recent Gold CSR Certification and their continued commitment to the environment, their staff, and doing good in the world. For more information on the Certification process, visit The Standards.